Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehabs are facilities that offer amenities close to a five-star hotel to keep patients comfortable and motivated throughout recovery treatment.

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What is Luxury Rehab?

There are various types of rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Some programs take you into the wilderness to let you learn survival skills, while others place you in dorm-style or resort-style living. Resort-style rehabilitation centers, or luxury rehabs, are facilities that offer amenities close to a five-star hotel, along with medically-supervised detox, around-the-clock care, and individualized care plan. Luxury rehabs cost much more than the standard rehabs and appeal to the more affluent clientele.


Is luxury rehab anonymous?

Client confidentiality is a top priority in a luxury rehab.

How much does a luxury rehab cost?

The prices of luxury rehab programs vary based on the location, services and amenities provided. Luxury rehabs generally cost between $30,000 to $100,000 a month.

What is Luxury Rehab Like?

Luxury rehabs provide an extremely pleasant and comfortable environment to encourage patients to relax and focus solely on their treatment. The levels of treatment may differ from one luxury rehab to another, but almost all of them generally include,

  • An upscale facility with a scenic view
  • Comfortable private rooms
  • Meals prepared by chefs
  • Private therapies
  • Fitness studios, swimming pools, and spas
  • Meditation classes, media rooms, and personal trainers

Animal-assisted therapies, such as equine-assisted therapy and dolphin-assisted therapy, are also a common trend in luxury rehabs. The rehabs allow patients to interact with animals to enhance emotional regulation and personal responsibility. Although the high-end amenities provided by luxury rehabs may make it seem like a sober vacation for patients, addiction treatment still remains a top priority. Luxury rehabs take on a unique approach to help patients reach and maintain sobriety.

Since luxury rehabs are generally associated with the affluent population, including celebrities and high-profile professionals, privacy and confidentiality are two of its vital aspects. Luxury rehabs bind their employees by a confidentiality contract to safeguard the reputation and information of the patients. Due to such confidential nature, patients may sometimes be unaware of other patients in rehab.

Benefits of Luxury Rehab

Focus on patients

Luxury rehabs provide patients with private therapists who are available around the clock and the flexibility to decide on the activities they wish to participate in. Treatment plans for each patient are curated in accordance with the requirements and needs of each patient.

Holistic treatments

As patients are highly likely to undergo overwhelming emotions during detox and rehab, luxury rehabs offer holistic treatments such as massages, spas, and acupuncture to promote relaxation and stress-relief.

Personal training

Exercising is a great way to relieve tension, handle emotions, and gain control over ones life. Thus, luxury rehabs provide gym facilities or personal trainers to assist patients in reaching fitness goals.

Patient to staff ratio

Luxury rehabs often have a large staff-to-client ratio to provide well-rounded and individualized care for each patient. The staff maintains close yet professional relationships with their patients, which in turn creates a personal and friendly environment.


Luxury rehabs recruit the best counselors and therapists in the industry to provide patients with the highest level of treatment. The staff at luxury rehabs are highly trained and knowledgeable, which provides patients the opportunity to receive the highest level of care from each member of the staff.

How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

The cost of luxury treatment may vary from one rehab to another, but they are generally more expensive than state treatment centers due to the extra amenities offered. Luxury rehabs generally cost between $30,000 – $100,000 per month in comparison to a standard facility, which may cost between $5,000 – $20,000 per month. However, certain insurance schemes may cover part of the treatment cost, except for the luxury amenities deemed non-essential. Some facilities offer long-term financing or payment plan, while others accept credit card payments. However, a patient’s actual treatment cost may depend on their unique needs and the services rendered to them during their stay. Prices for traditional or luxury programs may also vary based on their location.

Addiction impacts everyone equally. However, if one wishes to keep their addiction treatment private or spend their time in rehab in comfort, a luxury rehab may be the most fitting option for them.

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